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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I store my Hat Doctor hat?
The best place for your hat is on your head so the brim hangs naturally. Do not leave your hat in your vehicle as it will lose its shape and size.
Those spring-loaded hat holders for your cab can also contribute to flattening of the brim and damage to the crown.

Find a good place in your home, preferably where you take your boots off. Store your hat up and away from kids and pets. Never place your hat brim down.

If your hat is not on your head, to store your Hat Doctor hat, use:

  • Hat Stand

  • Wood Peg  .... Hang far enough away from the wall so that the brim doesn`t touch the wall.

  • Hat Can .... Ensure that it is adjusted for your hat size and that your hat doesn't touch the sides. (We now have large hat cans for larger hats and wider brims.) Store your Hat Can away from heat too. Check out our Hat Cans here.

If you're unable to hang your hat:

  • Set Upside Down – place it on its crown. This is only temporary and not for long-term storage.


2. How do I remove a stain from my hat?
Most stains on your hat will be from a food or beverage substance which will crystallize and can be brushed off once dry.  Stains which normally come from sweat or grease will need to be diluted and washed out of your hat by Hat Doctor. Any acidic stains will permanently damage your hat if they are not diluted or rinsed immediately with cold water (Ex. Pop or blood.)

3. Can I wear my Hat Doctor hat in the rain?
Yes, you can wear your hat in the rain, though prolonged exposure may age it over time. Pure Beaver felt hats repel or resist moisture longer than most hat types. That's one of the benefits of the beavers' adaptation to their natural environment in the water. No need for a plastic hat cover. Other types of hats like blended wool/fur felts may not withstand the weather with the same durability. They may also bleed color - it's not just your mascara running!

4. Are felt hats hot in the summer?
No. Blended hats will absorb rain, moisture and heat. Beaver felt hats will stop the sun from warming the top of your head, while allowing the head to breathe.

5. Is a light colour hat cooler?
No.  A light coloured hat looks cooler but doesn't actually feel cooler.

6. Will my hat colour fade in the sunlight?
The natural colour of your Hat Doctor hat may fade slightly in the sun, but it only adds to your hat's unique character. Remember, store your hat away from the heat to maintain its shape and size.

7. How do I measure my head for a new custom hat?
No two heads are the same, with few perfectedly shaped! Most of us also have a few bumps and dips. That's why being able to take a customized measurement of your head shape in person is ideal when ordering a custom hat. Unfortunately, we know that's not always possible - especially for our customers from New Zealand, Japan, or Austria.

If you aren't close enough to make an appointment at Hat Doctor for a personal fitting, you can measure your head as follows:

  • Size:
    • Use a fabric tape, make sure it is not stretchy.
    • Place the tape just above your brow bone on the front and around the back just above the “bump” before the dip down to your spine.
    • Imagine the brim of the hat at the bottom edge of your tape and be sure the tape is just high enough to clear the top of your ears.
    • The tape should sit where your hat usually does.
    • Make sure your fingers are not between your head and the tape…it has happened!
    • Record your size in inches.

  • Shape:
    • Most people have a long oval head. That’s why most manufactured hats in stores are long-oval. Oddly, both Carole and Greg have a regular oval head.
    • To check the shape of your head, try on a long-oval hat. If it “bites” the sides of your head, you probably have a regular oval head.
    • Tell us if your head is Long-oval OR Regular-oval.

Include your sizing with our New Hat Order Form when sending to Hat Doctor.

8. How soon will I receive my a new custom hat?
Each hat is handcrafted and a quality product takes time. Please allow 3 - 4 months for the completion of your hat, after your order arrives and is confirmed by Hat Doctor. This does not include shipping time, which can add 2 - 3 weeks or more to the arrival time.

9. How soon will I get back my renovated hat?
Each hat renovation is done by hand and depending on the work required, may take time. Please allow 3 - 4 months for the renovation of your hat, after your order arrives and is confirmed by Hat Doctor. This does not include shipping time, which can add 2 - 3 weeks or more to the arrival tim

10. Do you take RUSH ORDERS or Orders for a specific date, like a wedding or special occassion?
Yes we may be able to process a rush order, but please call Hat Doctor for availability before sending a RUSH ORDER.. Additional charges will apply.

If you need your custom hat or renovated hat for a specific date, please order well in advance and contact Hat Doctor to confirm availabili

11. How do you ship orders, what does shipping usually cost, and how long will shipping take?
We ship all orders by Canada Post, both domestically and internationally. Shipping charges will be calculated and added to your final billing.

Orders shipped to Western Canada will cost approximately $35 or more. Orders shipped to other Canadian locations will cost approximately $45 or more. Orders shipped to International destinations will cost approximately $60 or more. Expedited shipping is available from Canada Post for an additional charge.

Shipping time varies based on your location, but please allow 2 -3 weeks or more for your order to arrive at your local post offce.