Create your own Hat by following the simple steps below.
Brims and Colours


Create Your Own Hat


Creating your own hat gives you the freedom to achieve a custom fit and a one of a kind look. There are a number of steps involved in this process. Follow the steps below and refer to the charts to help you select a personalized unique design.

  1. Crown: choose your crown: See crown styles here
  2. Brim: choose your brim: See brim styles here
  3. Colour: choose your colour: See colour samples here
  4. Hat Size: Hat Doctor customers are encouraged to make an appointment to get measured for your new custom hat to ensure all of your lumps and bumps are put into your hat.
    For mail or internet orders, please contact Hat Doctor for more instructions on sizing and other custom instructions. We want to make sure your hat fits properly! See our FAQ's for sizing instructions and  make sure to include our NEW HAT ORDER FORM..
  5. Accessories: add accessories and special touches like: Fancy Bow Hat Band, Leather Band, Brim Binding, Eyelets, Pencil Roll, Flange Curl and more available by request.
    See our accessories list here


All Hat Doctor hats are personalized with your name in gold foil print inside the hat on the sweat band.   If you are not sure about your hat shape, colour and size, feel free to contact the Hat Doctor for our professional advice.